Pedal Pawn

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Long Story Short...


 Hey, my name's CKR! Self-proclaimed gear addict, touring musician & owner of Pedal Pawn Ltd. Each morning, as I'm sure 99% of guitarists can relate, I wake up with GAS! I’m not talking flatulence, but ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome’ – an increasingly common condition suffered by many guitarists worldwide. Sadly, the sight of a vintage 'Fuzz Face' has always been more exciting to me than the sight of a woman's face (can I say that?) - & so the tone journey begins... 

Why Pedal Pawn ® ?


 Customer service first, gear second! Uniting players with their dream tones has become our obsession & is the driving force for the business. Being pro players ourselves, we can ride shotgun with you to help actualise the magical tones that have been stuck in your head for years! With over 10 years selling experience, you are guaranteed a seamless & smooth transaction.

Handmade In Britain


Each one of our pedals is handmade in Cambridgeshire, UK with the highest quality components! We are proud to have our master builder 'KK' hand-wiring each unit - one at a time! We spend countless hours on matching  component tolerances & carry out extensive tests on each individual unit - to ensure maximum consistency!

The Deal!


  Along with hand-making our own guitar pedals, we also stock the UK's largest supply of vintage & rare stompboxes, at highly competitive prices! We like a good haggle, offer quick cash for your old effects & are excited by a good trade proposition - we'll do everything in our power to facilitate you here at Pedal Pawn.

Nerd Out With Us


We'd love to see a pic or video of your new pedal! Be sure to tag us in your social media posts on Instagram / Facebook with @pedalpawn & #pedalpawn. We love to repost pedal geeks daily to our awesome followers!



Do you ship worldwide?

-Yes, we ship anywhere in the world.

What is your dispatch time? 

-We aim to ship within 1-3 business days.

Do you have a returns policy ?

-We offer a standard 30 days returns policy.

 Do the pedals have a warranty? 

  -Each of our Pedal Pawn ®  pedals comes with a one year parts & labour warranty.