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Pedal Pawn

LTD EDITION FUZZ met NOS Telefunken BC108 transistors

LTD EDITION FUZZ met NOS Telefunken BC108 transistors

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De huidige wachttijd bedraagt ​​1 tot 2 weken. Bestel nu om de jouwe veilig te stellen en een nog langere wachttijd te voorkomen!

Introductie van de LTD EDITION Pedal Pawn® BC108 Fuzz ! Deze silicium Fuzz is handgemaakt in een gelimiteerde oplage van slechts 250 stuks en maakt gebruik van NOS Telefunken BC108-transistors die de ENORME vintage sizzle die door legendes uit de jaren 60 werd bewonderd, nieuw leven inblazen.


- NOS TFK Telefunken Siliciumtransistors 📻

- ENORME stijgende Fuzz- klank met Xtra Sizzle 🥓

- Prachtige 'Electric Blue' Hammerite 🔵

- Ultrazoete opschoning van het gitaarvolume 🕹️

- VK handgemaakt 🇬🇧

- Individueel handserienummer 🎫

- LTD-editie presentatiedoos 🎁

- Krachtige uitgangsniveaus 🗡️

- Standaard 9V-voeding / batterijwerking 🔋

- Echte bypass -schakeling 🎚️


🌎 Wereldwijde verzending!

📦 30 dagen retour

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Awesome Pedal. Fast shipping.

Rick's Guitars

When I was in elementary school in 1970 Band of Gypsys (BOG) was released and I heard this album on my Brother in Law's record player and I said "who is that playing guitar"? Well, shortly there after I started playing guitar and have been searching for the BOG tone. In my opinion The LTD EDITION FUZZ w/ NOS Telefunken BC108 Transistors gets me this tone, what a great pedal!!! Roll the volume down on the guitar and its magic. Work the volume up and down a little and its double magic. I own three Pedal Pawn Fuzz's and all are great, but this one is the HOLY GRAIL FOR ME!!! THANK YOU!!!

Bc108 Fuzz

Not gonna lie, i was annoyed with the ship time, especially for a unit that was already made, just had to be sent (dated in october inside unit) - waited about a full month from when i ordered to recieve it (US)

Now with that aside, this BC108 smears any others ive tried against the wall. I was bummed to miss the Sabbadius version, but was thrilled to see Pedal Pawn had a similar thing going, so i thought id give it a try (and it was available)

This fuzz is extremely fuzzy even with the volume knob on the pedal rolled back significantly. Other bc108 pedals ive had, did not respond the same way, and would lose the 'thickness' or 'rasp' i look for in a clean tone. Of course, crank of the volume knob on the guitar and it fattens up.

I would not be happy to ever pay $300 for a fuzz again, but i would do it for a NOS transistor bc108 if i ever lost mine.

I hate how gimmicky this company is with advertizing and social media, but the fuzz was great.

Roger Ramirez
Fat silicon Fuzz tones🤘🏽

Love the Hendrix tones this pedal can achieve!
The cleanup is crystal clear, exactly how a vintage fuzz face should sound

Great Stuff 🤩

Nice clean up, huge tone - did testdrive this fuzz in front of an overdriven Marshall silver jubilee and it was a blast, not muddy, enough sizzle to cut through and did let my Strat shine like a diamond!!! Great work, guys!!!!!