Why is John Mayer so HATED?!

Why is John Mayer so HATED?!

Hey guys, in this blog post, we're going to be discussing one of the most polarizing characters in music history - John Mayer.

John Mayer's notoriety is perhaps due to his upbringing as a child prodigy guitarist with unparalleled talent. He was often compared to idols like Steve Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, which made some fans feel like he was almost betraying their legacy. In addition to this, some fans faulted him for using new cutting-edge technology such as digital modeling as opposed to tried and true analogue guitar pedals and amps. It's almost like everything John Mayer touches turns into a polarizing ideology because even the PRS silver sky, which is designed by John Mayer, has recently been one of the most controversial guitars in recent history. People either simply love it or hate it.

Mayer would also incorporate musical genres such as hip-hop, rap, and blues all together in a way that felt strange and unfamiliar to a lot of fans. There also seems to be this underlying notion that John Mayer is too big for his boots. If you ever watch any interviews with John Mayer, he's certainly not shy, and he has incredible comedic timing, rubbing people up the wrong way left, right, and center. You can't go to any comment section about John Mayer without there being two camps - ones that absolutely love him and ones that just despise him.

From music festivals and arena tours to collaborating with huge names like Alicia Keys and just everyone you can think of, John has undoubtedly scored huge successes throughout his career. This could certainly have caused huge resentment, especially among aspiring guitarists trying to make it and not getting anywhere. I feel like this has led to a lot of guitarists feeling almost overshadowed by his successes.

Another detail that has caused some resentment towards John Mayer is the fact that he seems to be living a life of pure luxury and privilege. From Dumble amps to watches worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to private jets to then dating absolute beautiful supermodels and actresses, it's no wonder why a lot of guitarists are salty about John Mayer. But that can also lead to the perception that he's now been granted everything that he ever wanted, therefore he's lost his true artistry.

Finally, there are those who claim that Mayer's interpretations of classics like Voodoo Child and Little Wing do not live up to the originals. Although a lot of critics have actually praised these covers, many feel that these original versions are in fact untouchable.

Overall, I think it's pretty safe to say that John Mayer will never win over everyone with his style and his music. He will remain a highly polarizing figure within the music scene with both passionate admirers and fierce opponents. This doesn't stop with John Mayer - every musician, brand, or whoever it might be online or anywhere in the world will have their admirers and their detractors. This is just part of someone trying to build something for themselves.

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