Trades Policy

This 'Trade Policy' describes how Pedal Pawn LTD (“we”) operates the trade programme available here!

How it works (in short)

We have an online registration form here:

Pedal Pawn® aim to respond within 24 hours with an agreement, refusal or a provisional quote to upgrade to the new product(s) you wish to have.

Then, if you're happy with the offer, we will proceed to send you over a unique trade reference # number & shipping instructions.

Your item(s) will be checked upon arrival to ensure they are as described. We reserve the right to adjust our estimates if your package is not as described.

Once this inspection has taken place, we will send you over an electronic invoice for £5 (GBP), this minimal processing fee is necessary to activate our shipping system. This checkout process will also allow us to obtain your correct shipping & billing address for dispatch (you can read more information on this processing fee further below).

Once this payment is made, you will receive an order # confirmation by email. We will endeavour to get your new Pedal Pawn® tracking number sent over within 2-3 business days.

Item Valuation

When you complete our online trade form, valuations will be determined by  analysis of the 'Reverb Price Guide' which is predicated on several factors, such as condition & historical sales data. External factors such as market price, desirability and our current stock levels will also be taken into consideration.

We always aim to offer a fair market price for your item.

Condition Grading

'Mint' condition - when pedals are completely blemish-free and have not been modified in any way. 

'Excellent' condition - when a pedal has been used, but only has minor cosmetic defects, this can be considered excellent. 

'Very good' condition describes pedals with more cosmetic imperfections than Excellent, but are still in great condition overall. 

'Good' condition - includes pedals that are in fine working order, but have significant cosmetic imperfections.

'Fair' condition pedals have various imperfections that impact the function of the item. 

'Poor' condition items have clear functional problems that will generally require repair.

'Non-Functioning' condition items include pedals that simply do not work. 


Due to hygiene or other reasons, we cannot accept trades for pedals that have Velcro pre-applied. To make this process viable for us, we are ideally looking for boutique / vintage pedals that have a singular value of at least £100 each. 

We also reserve the right to refuse any pedal based on desirability, stock levels or market price.

What You Will Get

For trades, we prioritise sending out our slightly blemished 'b stock' units (unless otherwise requested). This could include very minor scratches or slight powder coating defects. 

No Cancellations

From the point of your packages delivery confirmation to us, there is no way to reverse the transaction and all trades will be deemed as final from this moment onwards.

In the event that we have sold out of the requested Pedal Pawn® item(s), a reverse exchange can be made, on the stipulation that our quoted dispatch time is more than 14 days beyond the initial point of your packages arrival. If this unlikely event takes place, the return shipping cost of your original package will be covered by us - we endeavour to track stock levels efficiently in order to avoid this scenario.

Shipping & £5 Processing Fee

We have recently upgraded our pedal shipping system to DHL express (super fast domestic & international shipping). We will be covering this shipping expense to you worldwide.

In order to activate this shipping service, our system needs to reflect a minimum product value of at least £5 (GBP) in order to process. An invoice of £5 (GBP) will be sent to you by email, upon inspection of your package. This invoice can be paid electronically both quickly & easily by most modern payment methods - including but not limited to PayPal, MasterCard, Visa etc.

Please note, if a partial trade is agreed, we will waiver this processing fee as there is already a minimum value of £5 (GBP) reflected on the invoice.

Time Frame

Your trade will be processed within around 2 to 3 working days from the packages arrival date (unless otherwise stated). If you can please allow at least this timeframe before checking up on your trades status, this would really help us to be more efficient overall.


All of our traded Pedal Pawn® effects come with their usual 5-year labour & parts manufacturers warranty.

What Happens To Traded Pedals?

Your traded pedals either go into our companies collection, r&d portfolio or listed on our Reverb store here:


By sending us your package, you are accepting these trade policy terms & hereby appoint Pedal Pawn as the new owner of said item(s) at the point of tracking delivery confirmation. The item(s) is still your responsibility/liability up until the point of delivery to Pedal Pawn®.