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GYPSY VIBE ™ (V2) Foot Controller GV2FC

GYPSY VIBE ™ (V2) Foot Controller GV2FC

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Introducing the GV2FC Foot Controller - Unleash the Magic of Your Gypsy Vibe V2! 

🕹️ Complete Command: Once connected, the GV2FC Foot Controller puts you in the driver's seat, giving you unparalleled control. Say farewell to the speed knob on the Gypsy Vibe V2 as the GV2FC remote empowers you to dictate the speed on demand with your foot, putting you in control like a supercar!

🔄 Unlock the Legendary ‘PREAMP’ Tone: Activate the 'cancel' function micro switch by placing the GV2FC Foot Controller in the heel-down position. This deactivates the "throb" effect on your Gypsy Vibe V2 while preserving the enchanting warmth of the legendary preamp circuit. To rekindle the "throb," simply press your toe gently downward.

👣 Freedom of Choice: Prefer true bypass switching? No worries! You can still use the normal foot switch on your Gypsy Vibe V2. We've got you covered!

🛡️ Built for Safety: Exclusively designed for the Gypsy Vibe V2, the GV2FC Foot Controller ensures seamless compatibility without any risks. You can trust its reliable performance without compromising your setup.

🎛️ Effortless Connection: Connect the GV2FC Foot Controller to your Gypsy Vibe V2 using a Stereo TRS cable. It's a simple plug-and-play process. Just connect one end to the remote jack on your Gypsy Vibe V2 and the other to the corresponding jack on the GV2FC Foot Controller.

🔋 Powered Effortlessly: Say goodbye to batteries or external power sources! The GV2FC Foot Controller operates effortlessly, keeping you focused on your vibe without any hassle.

Unleash the full potential of your Gypsy Vibe V2 with the GV2FC Foot Controller. Elevate your sound, take control of your vibe, and embark on an extraordinary musical adventure! 🌟🎶

Upgrade your setup today and experience the enchantment firsthand. Get your GV2FC Foot Controller now! 🎸✨

Note: While this product is handcrafted with care, minor blemishes or markings may be present to the enclosure exterior.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Waiting for the best sound.

통관에 문제가 있었지만, 진정한 안내와 답변 인보이스 서류 덕분에 안전하고 빠르게 배송이 되었습니다.
사운드는 역시 아주 만족하고 페달로 생각했던거 보다 가볍고 좋습니다. 질감 컨트롤도 잘 되서 아주 좋네요!
다음주 토요일 연습일정이 잡혀있는데 내가 가지고 있는 오래된 NKT275, CV7005 함께 바이브를 마음껏 테스트 해 봐야겠다.
감사합니다! 최고입니다!! 고맙습니다~

Alexandre Hungerbühler
Great people, Great products, Great service

5 stars

Tubby B. BrokenHeart
Foot Controller = French Fries...mmm good!

The Gypsy Vibe (v2) foot controller GV2FC is a must have/must own piece of machinery that I recommend you have in order to operate your Gypsy Vibe v2 unit. You COULD half ass it and use the built in knob on the Gypsy Vibe v2 pedal and deal with near misses and foot dancing and tapping until you get the desired speed and spend time getting your average in sync OR you could just do it vintage style, Jimi style and use the foot controller and ease into the desired speed and feel like you are pushing the pedal of a luxury super automobile. Really it is that good and handy.
If you get the Gypsy Vibe v2 pedal AND the Foot controller together, the combination is like getting a Grilled double stacked hamburger WITH a side order of French fries with can do without the fries, but you know the two together just make for a beautiful pairing.