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Pedal Pawn



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It’s been a lifelong journey to encapsulate our favourite Texan’s ‘Twang’ into a box! Alongside our countless hours of tweaking, we have received an outpouring of requests for this very creation! We listened to you, ourselves, (& Stevie on repeat for 20 years) &  can now proudly present the – Pedal Pawn ® Texan Twang ™.

This custom boost circuit is specifically tuned for an abundance of glassy clean-up, for when you roll back the guitars volume knob on each setting. Rolling up the guitars volume knob produces the Texan Twang ™ we have searched for our whole lives!

Texan Twang ™ Features

• 3-way rotary switch – Hi (Glass / Bite), Mid (Fat / Tube), Lo (Growl / Wood) 

• Completely interactive clean up with the guitars volume knob

• Handcrafted in the UK 

• Standard 9v power input / battery connection

• True bypass switching

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Customer Reviews

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I think it’s crazy that companies charge as much as they do for these pedals and can’t even provide a 9volt power supply.

learn how

bought this pedal awhile ago like two yrs. did not like it when I first bought it and I just didn't know why
here presently I pulled mit out from a box of stuff to yard sale and I started thinking lets give it another go once I figured it out I'll never take it off the board again
Cali. amp with it pushing the front and its hevane on stage learned how to use the pedal with my present day set up and its a completely different world
heard people talking and I'm not saying pushing a sold cant happen but its a living breathing part of yourself when overpowering a set of tubes best dam blues pedal driver I've played so far.


Not sure I like the product. Further experimentation required.


Outstanding pedal!

Mathias Jakobsen
Simply amazing

Bought the pedal. Recieved the package. Opened it. Plugged it in. And... Massive hum and noise starting. Played around a bit. Different settings. Different pickup positions. What was it? My busted, ass, cheap cable. Changed to a brand new cable, and the pedal plays amazing. Never wanted anything else